Lewellen Studio

Nature Tiles in Ceramic, Bronze, & Cast Stone

About Our Tile

Our primary focus is custom installations, we no longer make individual art tiles. The art tiles offered for sale on our web sites are from current inventory, select custom glazing, and installation art.

All tiles from Lewellen Studio are created using the single-fire method. Single-fired means both the clay body and glaze are fired for the first time together, resulting in a far superior adhesion between glaze and tile.

It was a challenge in applying this level of quality to hand-made art tile, however, the desire for a more beautiful and durable tile that required only half the energy to create, making them the most environment-friendly, was a goal we had to pursue. The obvious lower production
cost is an advantage shared with all who purchase our tile.

Our tiles are fired to complete virification, and glazed on all outer sides, making them ideal for all wet locations like backsplashes and showers.

One signature style of all our tile is the unique beveled or coped edge. This requires our installations to be very accurate in their making, simply cutting a tile smaller if it were too large is not acceptable because the new cut edge would not have a matching beveled edge. Therefore great care is taken to follow the specifications we are given, if we receive an incorrect measurement, new correct size tile can be made to replace the wrong size.

Technical information: All tiles ,whether single or layered, are fired to cone five ( 2185 degrees fahrenheit ). Clay body is usually white stoneware or porcelain, though other clays are occasionally used in particular projects. Our Studio produces under the cleanest and highest environmently sound standards we know of, lead free glazes, single-firing, and use only oxidation firing in both gas and electric kilns.

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